7. Goal Setting with Simplicity + Grace with Manali Sontakke

As we roll into the end of the year, everyone is so excited to wrap up the year and start dreaming big for the one up ahead! On today's show with Manali Sontakke, we talk about how to set goals with simplicity & grace! I hope this episode encourages you to dream big & start taking small steps towards making your dream a reality!

In today's episode we chat all things:

- How to wrap up your current year

- Checking in with your overall vision before setting goals

- How to set goals keeping in mind how much time you have in any given season 

- Going deeper than setting action steps to make progress on your goals

- Avoiding the "all or nothing" mindset to keep making progress with grace


I hope this episode encourages you to dream big for the next year but also keep in mind that simplicity is key and little by little progress always adds up! You can find Manali on Instagram here!

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