9. Ten Things You May Not Know About Me From Social Media

Today's episode is in a bit of a different format but I hope you'll enjoy it! I was inspired by my good friend Manali Sontakke on her podcast Behind the Business Podcast where she just shared an episode all about 10 things you wouldn't know about her or her business on social media!

It was cool to learn so many new things about her even though I've known her pretty well for a few years now! I truly believe we are SO much more multi-dimensional than what you see online.

I hope this episode helps you connect with me on a deeper level. And I'd LOVE to hear from you - be sure to shoot me a DM on Instagram @amberbrogdonpage, what's ONE thing most people don't know about you from social media?!

In today's episode I shared a little more about:

- My plans for my business (it's way different than you might think!)

- A little quirk about me that I think is a total strength!

- Things about my personality you might not know

.... and more!

I hope this episode encourages you to get to know those around you on a deeper level!

Thank you SO much for over 1,000 downloads for the Cultivate & Celebrate Podcast! All of your wonderful reviews, sharing the podcast with your friend & your continued support mean the WORLD to me here!!

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